Dear GuruNation,

My mind is blown. Stu and The Gurus are feeling so blessed! We’re so proud of our latest and greatest CD, “A Better Day”! Kudos to everyone in the band:

Sinclair Brown, for her extraordinary vocal talents and scintillating stage presence.

Pam Graboyes, for her outstanding percussion skills and musical sensibilities.

Charlie Kennedy, for his magically on-target keyboard stylings and vocals in every genre we throw at him.

Andy Duncan, for his consistently nuanced, super-tasty bass playing and vocals.

Mike Governa, for helping us keep our feet on the ground while our heads are in the clouds, with his rock-solid, super-versatile drumming.

Nova, aka Natalie Brown (Millard and Sinclair’s daughter), for her superb vocal on “Judgment Day.”

Millard Brown, for his amazing guitar playing, his essential musical direction, his formidable recording engineering, and for herding this wonderful collection of cats.

Special thanks to Andrew Brown (Millard and Sinclair’s son), for providing the astoundingly gorgeous cover art for “A Better Day.”

Special thanks also to our friend and fellow musician, Al Bien, for helping us to acquire essential equipment for our recording facility, Three Suns Studio, in Media, PA.

And, of course, our omnipresent gratitude to all of our friends and fans!

Much Love,

Stu and The Gurus

P.S.: It feels like every CD is our best yet. And that every gig is our best yet. You know how passionate we are about creating music and presenting it to you. Thank you so much for being part of this labor of love!

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Dear Friends and Fans,

Due to some recent changes and family needs, I'll be relocating to Florida for the foreseeable future, and therefore Stu and The Gurus will be taking an indefinite hiatus. We've had an incredible run, creating four CDs and performing at some of the finest venues in the area. Our music will always be available online. We wish to thank all of our friends and fans for your love and support over the last seven years! It's been an amazing ride, and we are so very grateful! Thank you so much, now and always!


Stu, Millard, Sinclair, Pam, Charlie, Andy and Mike

Lots of Love from Stu and The Gurus
(Stu, Millard, Sinclair, Pam, Charlie, Andy & Mike)